Blood and fire, fire and ice:

in times of war bring peace with you.


Carry it in a coin purse amongst metal shadows,

silver metaphors more poetic than the smell

of birth.


Carry peace in the flames of introspection,

let the tumults of the soul die down in the prospect

of dawn.


Let it burn like a heathen altar,

let it scream and rage like a drunkard

in the night;


carry it as a cross before the waters,

still with the stink of rancid fish,


let it carry you through the tunnels of wrath,

the grapes of seduction will frighten the starving

pious, those who have not loved.


In times of war carry peace around your neck,

but tuck it into the collar of your shirt.


Wear peace around your neck but hide the gold that it brings.


Peace can be stolen, raped, burned and whipped;

peace can tear down bridges when used as the scabbard

to a sharp edge.


Bring peace in times of evil,

bring peace in times of war;


peace can only guide the way as a love light alive

but a moth unto a flame will use peace as a disguise.