Midnight Girl at the Bar

midnight girl,all covered in sleetin the wombs of day
 askingforthesummer to return it's love to faceless statues
ofthe unknownNorth and pagan child, blessed with boon.
 sometimes,sometimesisn't quick enoughand dreams rot to
ruinand late-lightconfessionon painted sidewalks, the sky
rustredand rollickinga blue wind.

makes me feel and feeling is good!but feeling good is bad unless
 the goodfeeling is for goodness.Birds-
crunchedup deadin thetriangle of Williamsburg on 
Conseleyea streetand the barroom hero poured, panting spineless,
all in an old, old and ancient lumberjack, lumbering away.

the lazy collaredcoloured man sits, sipping some four dollar disaster
 scheming on anold Jewish tradition, bundled up and beaming, things
neverlookedso good!Butthe midnight girl stood
 firm andfortunate, likeanimpossibleevening, stars scratch
throughsmogand lightyearsto illuminate an ignorant flat,
 whereBig Bill O'Reilly liesonthe big screen.

shesaid i made her night, but nights aren't for making.
they come like a prepackaged five gallon bag, but the 
 gallonsneverfail! justooze on intoa
 forgottenlifetime, and everyone thinks that's alright.
 strongas i can,a man must weep cause man is born of 
woman's life,and all things need water to bloom.

the midnight girl is a figment of my imagination!
 i saw her spying on Delancey ,dancingdervish derelict
and doom, flowers flowingfrom an empty hand to
 pollinate thoseproject buildings and the sun
sawherwithold ivy, laughingand girl giggle, summit
peakpeckputrid, perrierin pocket.so funny, all things
 laughed butsunshine isthe moon sometimes.

isaw her in the mirrorwhen all was too ugly to start
andmy eyeswereclouded, like a rheumy drunk whiskey-bum
 likedaysof future found flirtatious.
butshe'sin the old north, where the streets are clean and
no onespits, and i'mgoing to detox, if the detox
 doesn'ttake me.

i'll call and let the word ring true, andall things fall,
and the midnight girl knew.
summer'sgoing to come again, and when it does, midnight
will be bright in it'sblackness and the void
willtakeall sorrow, to call it home away from here.